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Guangdong LIYI Technology Co., Ltd Free COVID-19 Vaccine Injection For All Employees

March 25, 2021


On the morning of March 23, 2021, Guangdong Liyi Technology Co., Ltd. issued a notice for free inoculation of COVID-19 Vaccine.

It also identifies people who are not suitable for vaccination and possible adverse reactions.

The original notice is as follows
1. Vaccination target
18-59 years old
2. Time and place of vaccination
To be notified by Wanjiang Epidemic Prevention Headquarters
3. People who are not suitable for vaccination
1. Those who are allergic to any ingredients contained in the vaccine, including those who are allergic to excipients and substances used in various manufacturing processes:
2. Those suffering from acute disease, severe chronic disease, acute onset of chronic disease and fever.
3. People with convulsions, epilepsy, Guillain-Barré syndrome, progressive neurological diseases, encephalopathy
Or psychiatric history or family history.
4. Severe allergic reactions to vaccines have occurred in the past (such as acute allergic reactions, measles, skin eczema,
Difficulty breathing, angioedema or abdominal pain) or a severe allergic reaction to this vaccine in the past,
Those with any neurological reaction:
5. Women during pregnancy.
6. People who suffer from other diseases after being assessed by a doctor are not suitable for vaccination.
4. Registration method
1. Scan the QR code to register by yourself, please fill in your personal information truthfully
2. Please register on-site with your ID card

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