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How to choose testing equipment - universal material testing machine

November 2, 2022

Latest company news about How to choose testing equipment - universal material testing machine

With the rapid development of science and technology, a variety of new materials emerge in endlessly, especially polymer materials have developed rapidly in recent years. As its branch, plastic materials can replace wood and metal materials in some fields. In order to make the plastic material and its products can be used safely and reliably, it is very necessary to test its mechanical properties


1, conventional electronic universal material testing machine


This kind of testing machine is the mainstream product of universal material testing machine, it takes the servo motor as the power source, the lead screw, the lead screw as the executive component, the speed control of the moving beam of the testing machine is realized, with simple operation, the requirements of the tester is not high, the test stroke can be customized according to the need.

Although the control mode is relatively simple, but its control accuracy and control range is very high, very wide. Such as a LY-1065A tensile testing machine, resolution is 1/250000, force accuracy ≤±0.5%, the speed adjustment range of up to 5mm/min~500mm/min, stepless speed regulation, small tonnage models are easy to achieve.

Such as the friction coefficient, the full load is only 5N. It has great flexibility in configuration. If you add different tonnage of sensors, fixtures, accessories, you can achieve a multi-purpose machine. Complete the function of pulling, pressing, bending, shearing, stripping, tearing, friction coefficient, torsion and so on.

According to the relevant standards of plastic mechanical property inspection, whether from the control mode or speed range, test stroke and tonnage of the testing machine, this type of machine is the first choice for plastic mechanical property inspection



2, three closed loop electronic universal material testing machine



This kind of testing machine has the characteristics of wide speed range, large test stroke and flexible configuration of conventional electronic universal testing machine, and has the advantages of force, displacement and deformation control of electro-hydraulic servo testing machine. Therefore, it is a kind of testing machine with better performance, but this kind of testing machine has few models below 10KN, the most commonly used plastic class is not easy to choose to do the test of plastic materials.


3, simple electric pull


Because plastic tensile strength is a very important index of plastic mechanical properties test, in the past few years, plastic types are not many, the application is not very wide period, the national standards for plastic mechanical properties test items are relatively single. A low price and single use, with the motor as a power source of tensile testing machine commonly known as electric pull is widely used. This equipment can only be used to do a single tensile test, can handle very limited data, control measurement accuracy is relatively low, although it is still used in some occasions, but because of its relatively single function, has been gradually eliminated by the market



4, electro-hydraulic servo universal material testing machine


This kind of testing machine is a kind of testing machine with good performance at present, because it adopts electro-hydraulic servo control technology, it can realize the closed loop control of force, displacement and deformation, and has good control performance. At present, it is widely used in metal and building materials where constant stress, constant strain and creep test are required, but the test speed is low due to the limitation of oil source flow. In order to increase the system stiffness and ensure the stable operation of closed-loop control, the stroke of this kind of testing machine is small, and the operation is complex, and the expansion configuration is difficult. There are few models below 10KN, so it is not suitable for the test of plastic materials.


5, manual hydraulic universal material testing machine


This kind of machine was the father of the family of testing machine, it adopts open-loop control, operation process depends on the level of the operator, has advantages of simple structure, low cost, large tonnage, but because of the small test trip, small load low measuring accuracy, extend the configuration ability is very poor, not suitable for the plastic material mechanical performance test. Generally only used in structural component tests or simple material performance tests, such as the extraction of connecting components, reinforcement tensile strength and other occasions


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