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How to connect the electric heat pipe of the industrial oven?

September 9, 2021

Latest company news about How to connect the electric heat pipe of the industrial oven?

Industrial oven is used for dry and manic industrial production of raw materials, the use of more common drying equipment, is now widely used in all walks of life, industrial oven preparation is composed of heating system, electrical control system, air supply system, maintenance system.Box selection of advanced equipment production, the industry first process production process, line circulation, beautiful and generous.The raw material of the outer box is high-quality cold-rolled steel plate. The product shell is made of environmental protection metal paint spray. All the planning is beautiful and generous, suitable for the color matching of high-end laboratory.The oven shelf can adjust any height and number of shelves as required by the user.The insulation data between the inside and outside of the oven is high quality ultra fine fiberglass insulation cotton, good insulation effect.


How to connect the electric heat pipe of the industrial oven?
1. Receive method:
The 1. can connect with a high temperature wire of 500 degrees, the high temperature wire and the copper nose, and the switch power supply at the other end
2. or self-made copper connector and electric heat pipe connection is also ok.
II. Characteristics:
1. uses new technology composite materials as heating core, which has high efficiency of electric heating transformation and small thermal lag effect, which can reasonably and rapidly improve the working temperature;
2. start, no instantaneous electric flow, reasonable maintenance of the service period of electrical components;
3. infrared induction radiation efficiency reaches about 70%;
4. Environmental protection, zero pollution;
5. lasts for about 5000 hours (natural ambient operating temperature below 200 degrees);
6. corrosion resistant.
III. Performance:
1. is environmental protection and energy saving, high thermal efficiency, temperature improvement rate is fast.
2. radiation heat transfer long distance, heat exchanger speed faster composite calcite heating pipe after receiving the power supply, the radiation source will emit infrared induction kinetic energy that can warm raw materials.

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