Industrial Oven :7 Point Reasonable Maintenance Blower Oven

April 6, 2021

Latest company news about Industrial Oven :7 Point Reasonable Maintenance Blower Oven

latest company news about Industrial Oven :7 Point Reasonable Maintenance Blower Oven  0


  Industrial oven manufacturers introduce from the structure design of blast oven, generally will not explode. Because the blast oven is always ventilated with the outside, the blast opportunity constantly makes the oven internal and external air circulation. As we all know, the reason for the explosion is that a large amount of gas is produced in a certain space in a short time. Therefore, according to the design principle of blast oven, it is very difficult to explode in itself.

1.A certain space should be left around the

equipment to facilitate the heat dissipation, operation and maintenance of the equipment.

2. when the test objects are placed in the studio, their density should not be too large to affect the normal air flow in the studio. Each object should have a distance of 10-20 mm, and they should be placed symmetrically. Items on each shelf should be staggered. A distance greater than 100 mm. between the underframe and the bottom of the studio

3. equipment is responsible for the use of personnel, equipment should be cut off after the use of external power supply to avoid accidents.

4. prevent sharp objects from scratching the equipment.

5. shall not disassemble and assemble the electrical components and other components of the equipment at will, so as not to damage the electrical control circuit, cause human failure of the equipment and affect the performance of the equipment.

6. storage and use of equipment, there must be no flammable, explosive, corrosive substances around.

7. do not allow flammable, explosive, volatile materials into the equipment drying.



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