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Knowledge Of Popular Science Industrial Ovens

July 14, 2022

Latest company news about Knowledge Of Popular Science Industrial Ovens



Industrial oven: It is composed of angle steel and thin steel plate. In addition, the box is reinforced, the outer surface is repainted, and the aluminum silicate fiber is filled between the outer shell and the inner tank to form a reliable thermal insulation layer. The industrial oven has a wide range of applications.Can be used for drying various industrial materials.

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The industrial oven controls the temperature through the connection between the digital display instrument and the temperature sensor, and adopts the hot air circulating air supply method.The hot air circulation system is divided into horizontal and vertical.

The air source is driven by the operation of the air supply motor to drive the wind wheel through the electric heater, and the hot air is sent to the air duct and then enters the oven studio, and the used air is sucked into the air duct to become the air source for recycling and heating, which can effectively improve the temperature uniformity. distributed. If the box door is opened and closed during use, the air supply circulation system can quickly restore the temperature value of the operating state.

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The industrial oven has an inner and outer double-layer structure, the shell is an angle steel sheet, and the inner and outer double-layer shells are filled with fibrous substances. The fibrous material used in industrial ovens is mostly aluminum silicate, which can play a role in thermal insulation and form a reliable thermal insulation layer. The industrial oven is equipped with a hot air circulation system and a temperature measurement and control system.





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customize:The production capacity determines the size specifications to meet the production needs, and the production capacity is high. Crawler-type industrial ovens can be selected. That is what we call drying production line, tunnel furnace, drying tunnel. Small ovens with low production capacity or experimental use can be customized.


Temperature: Choose 10 degrees higher than the actual temperature. According to the process requirements, calculate the actual required temperature difference to ensure the baking effect. Example: If the operating temperature is 150 degrees, 220 degrees, 360 degrees, and 440 degrees, do it according to the maximum design temperature of 500 degrees. 4 temperatures, if it is the same product. It is best to use thyristor for control. Different products have a slightly larger temperature difference when used at low temperature. The actual use effect of 150 degrees and 220 degrees is not as good as a low-temperature oven. Use a medium-temperature 500-degree oven, and the 150-degree baking temperature difference is 2-5 degrees higher than a low-temperature 250-degree oven. It also depends on the quality of the manufacturer's equipment. The oven is divided into low temperature (0-250 degrees), medium temperature 250-600 degrees), high temperature (600-1500 degrees) over 1200 degrees. The company recommends using carbon silicon rods for heating, which can be selected according to the process requirements of the product.




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