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Knowledge Points About Thermal Shock Test Chamber

August 1, 2022

Latest company news about Knowledge Points About Thermal Shock Test Chamber

The thermal shock test chamber is divided into a two-box hanging basket-type thermal shock test box and a three-box gas-type thermal shock test box, which are suitable for cold resistance tests, rapid temperature changes or gradual changes in electrical and electronic products and components. The adaptability test box below is especially suitable for environmental stress screening (ESS) tests of electrical and electronic products.


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1. Test box structure: The test box adopts an integral combined structure, that is, the test box consists of a high temperature test box located at the upper part, a low temperature test box located at the lower part, a refrigeration unit cabinet located at the rear and an electrical control cabinet located on the right side. composition. In this way, the box covers a small area, has a compact structure, and has a beautiful appearance. The refrigeration unit is placed in an independent unit box to reduce the impact of vibration and noise during the operation of the refrigeration unit on the test box, and at the same time, it is convenient for the installation and maintenance of the unit. Electrical appliances The control panel is placed on the right side panel of the test box for easy operation and manipulation


2. Box outer wall material: cold-rolled steel plate, surface electrostatic spray treatment;


3. The inner wall material of the box: imported stainless steel plate (SUS304);


4. Insulation material: high temperature resistant rigid polyurethane foam + ultra-fine glass wool;


5. Door: single door, equipped with double silicone seal and sealing strip heating device, with self-limiting temperature heating belt to prevent condensation and frost during the test;


6. Sample Holder: Move the sliding stainless steel sample holder up and down. The pneumatic double-acting cylinder provides stable and uniform power, and the positioning device of the sample holder adopts a magnetic field-triggered travel switch;


7. Cable threading hole: There is a sliding cable threading pipe on the upper part of the sample holder and the top of the high temperature test box;




Features of thermal shock test chamber


1. The product is beautiful in appearance, reasonable in structure, advanced in technology and exquisite in material selection, with simple and convenient operation performance and reliable equipment performance.


2. Using a unique thermal insulation structure and thermal and cold storage effect, the object to be tested is completely stationary during the test, and the cold and hot temperatures are introduced into the test area by switching between hot and cold air paths to achieve the purpose of hot and cold testing.


3. Using the most advanced measuring device, the controller adopts a large color LCD human-machine touch interactive LCD human-machine interface controller, which is simple to operate, easy to learn, stable and reliable, and displays the complete system operating status, execution and Set the program curve.


4. There are 96 test specifications independently set, the impact time is 999 hours and 59 minutes, and the cycle period can be set from 1 to 999 times. Time to start and stop work automatically;


5. Equipped with fully automatic, high-precision system loop, any mechanical action, fully PLC locking processing, all using P.I.D automatic calculation control, high temperature control accuracy.


6. The advanced and scientific air circulation design makes the indoor temperature uniform and avoids any dead angle; the complete safety protection device avoids any potential safety hazards and ensures the long-term reliability of the equipment.


7. The number of cycles and defrost times can be set to automatically (manually) defrost.


8. The sensor detection and control of the air outlet and the air return port, the switching time of the damper mechanism is completed within 10 seconds, and the recovery time of the thermal shock temperature is completed within 5 minutes.


9. Status display and curve display during operation. When abnormal conditions occur, the screen will automatically display the fault point and cause and provide troubleshooting methods. When it is found that the input power is unstable, it has an emergency stop device.


10. The refrigeration system adopts the design of the overlapping high-efficiency low-temperature circuit system. The refrigeration unit adopts the compressor imported from Europe and the United States, and adopts the green environmental protection (HFC) refrigerant R507, R23 with zero ozone coefficient.


11. Super safety protection function: power overload protection, leakage protection, control circuit overload, short circuit protection, compressor protection, grounding protection, over temperature protection, alarm sound prompts, etc.


12. The design of the studio inside the box is reasonable? The circular hollow spacer is used, and the interval between the test products can be well controlled; it is suitable for small-capacity precision measurement.

13. Using rubber anti-static switch, the switch is comfortable and noise-free; the volume and structure design is reasonable, the floor area is small, and the bottom of the machine is equipped with a wheel moving device, which can move freely without hindrance.


14. The moving time of the gondola is within 10 seconds, in line with MIL, LEC, JIS and other specifications.


15. The recovery time of cold and heat shock temperature is within 5 minutes, which meets the requirements of relevant national test specifications.


16. The thermal insulation of the box body is molded with polyurethane foam, which is resistant to high temperature and never aging; and is equipped with an observation window, which is easy to use and handy.


17. The heating adopts forced circulation air supply, the temperature rises rapidly and the distribution is even.


18. PID control system, double over-temperature protection, safe and reliable.


19. The temperature setting is simple and the operation is more convenient.


20. With two sets of movable plates, the height can be adjusted arbitrarily.


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Measurement and control system of cold and thermal shock test box


1. Temperature measurement: stainless steel armored Pt100 platinum resistance;


2. Control device: The main controller adopts SADAP100 control system, which adopts imported German S7 series logic controller as the central processor, equipped with digital I/O module and analog I/O module, and has the function of PID operation controller inside. The human-machine interface (HMI) adopts imported color large-screen (5.7-inch) LCD touch display, and the control interface adopts full Chinese display. It has a boot-up display LOGO and a brief and clear display of the maintenance notices of the experimental box, which can display and set the test parameters. , curve, total running time, total running time of segments, working state and time of heater, etc. The preparation of the control program adopts the man-machine dialogue mode, and the interface is friendly, and the automatic operation function of the refrigerator can be realized only by setting the temperature.


3. The control system uses an intelligent control software system, which has the working conditions of automatic combination of refrigeration, heating and other subsystems, so as to ensure high-precision control in the entire temperature range, and at the same time achieve the purpose of energy saving and consumption reduction, and the perfect detection device can Automatically carry out specific fault display and alarm. For example, when the test box is abnormal, the controller displays the fault status in Chinese characters. At the same time, it has the storage function of historical data table trend chart and historical fault records.


4. System setting resolution: temperature: 0.1℃; time: 1min;


5. User program capacity: the system occupies 130 pre-stored curves, each curve has 50 segments, different curves can be connected and run, and each set program can be run 999 times;


6. Operation mode: program operation, constant operation, timing start and stop;


7. Independent equipment working time accumulative timer.


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