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Performance Specification for High Temperature Industrial Oven

April 12, 2021

Latest company news about Performance Specification for High Temperature Industrial Oven

High temperature industrial oven, high quality aluminosilicate rock wool insulation, strong structure, light weight easy to move, insulation performance
The inner box is made of 1.5 mm thick SUS304# mirror stainless steel, the outer box is made of 2.0 mm thick cold plate high temperature powder baking paint, the constant temperature control system and the overtemperature alarm protection system to ensure the safe production of the equipment.

latest company news about Performance Specification for High Temperature Industrial Oven  0

Technical performance of high temperature industrial ovens:
1. power supply: voltage 380 V、 three-phase five-wire system, total power 120 KW/(can be customized according to demand);
2. temperature: the working temperature of high temperature industrial oven is 80℃ to 600℃ at room temperature. Any temperature
Adjustable, and can be at any temperature point automatic constant temperature;
3. high temperature oven adopts three-sided air transport mode, the inlet and outlet of the inner wall of the oven are punched, and the hot air in the oven is on both sides of the inside
And bottom outflow, from the top of the internal reflux to form a circulating flow, after constant temperature on the left and right sides of the temperature difference within 2% of the ±;
The outer wall of the 4. oven is sealed well and the temperature rise of the outer wall of the box is not more than 50℃. Note:
Box internal hot air can directly penetrate the place, temperature rise may exceed 50℃).
5. the whole machine runs smoothly, conforms to the industry standard, the normal operation noise does not exceed 75 decibels
Baking box is an air circulation system, using fan circulation air supply mode, air circulation uniform and efficient. Air supply from circulation
The motor (using contactless switch) drives the wind wheel through the heater and sends the hot air out, then through the air duct to the oven chamber, and then after use
The air suction duct becomes a source of air circulation, heating and use to ensure uniform indoor temperature.

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