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Technical performance of the high - temperature industrial oven

May 21, 2021

Latest company news about Technical performance of the high - temperature industrial oven

Technical performance of the high - temperature industrial oven:
1. Power supply: voltage of 380V、 three - phase five - line system, total power of 120KW/ sets (can be customized according to demand); 2, temperature: high temperature industrial oven working temperature is 80 ℃ to 600 ℃ at room temperature, heating up and cooling rate can be set alone. The temperature can be adjustable, and the active constant temperature at any temperature point; 3. High temperature industrial oven, the internal wall inlet and outlet of the industrial oven, at the inside left and bottom of the temperature air flow, from the inside top temperature return is within ± 2% ; 4, the outside wall of the box does not exceed 50 ℃, Note: (door joints, inlet and outlet, the temperature rise may exceed 50 ℃).
5. The whole machine operates smoothly, meets the industry standards, and the noise does not exceed 75 decibels during normal operation.
6. An air transport motor detection device is equipped to effectively detect the abnormal condition of the air transport motor. When the air transport motor fault is not running, the heating power supply will actively block. To prevent the electric heat pipe dry burning from forming a local temperature rise in the industrial oven. The air transport volume can be actively adjusted according to the parameters in the furnace to ensure the uniform internal temperature of the industrial oven.
7. Electrical control. : Power supply 380V, three - phase five - wire system, power 90KW, with control electric box on the right side of the industrial oven, choose Japanese conductive, H482 microcomputer intelligent LED digital display program thermostat controller, can be dividend up to 16 sections of heating program, and the module continuous buffer output control heater.

Powerful maintenance and maintenance of industrial oven
In recent years, the scope of industrial oven has gradually expanded, mainly applied to mechanical and electrical, chemical, plastic, light industry and other professions and scientific research categories, suitable for drying, boring, curing, heat treatment and heating of other aspects of various products, trials. The function is very strong, manifested in the specific aspects?
1. Industrial oven shall appropriately determine the moisture, dry items, boring heat treatment and other heating purposes.
2. Digital explicit temperature conditioner conducts temperature control, temperature control, simple operation and reliable function. The number directly shows the operating temperature, which is intuitive and easy to read.
3. The room temperature can be constant temperature between room temperature to 300 ℃; it can actively cut off power and maintain equipment and products.
4. Industrial ovens are indispensable equipment for laboratory and scale production.
Daily maintenance of industrial ovens
1. Clean the appearance and inner cavity dust, and adhere to the machine as clean and sanitary.
2. Check whether the ammeter current is the same as normal. If there is different, tell the maintenance worker to overhaul.
3. Suddenly, power failure, close the heating switch to prevent active start during the call.
4. Check whether the fan is normal and abnormal sound, close the machine immediately and tell the maintenance worker for maintenance.
Monthly maintenance of the industrial ovens
1. Check whether the vents are blocked, and clean up the dust accumulation.
2. Whether the fan works normally, and whether there is a reversal.
3. The repairman should check whether the current is normal.
4. Check whether the thermostat is accurate, and please adjust the static compensation or sensor correction value of the thermostat.
5. Check whether the heating pipe is damaged and whether the line is aging.
6. Check whether the delay device is accurate and whether the error is promised.

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