The Working Principle Of Industrial Oven And Industrial Oven

March 24, 2021

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      Everyone knows that industrial ovens and industrial ovens are used for baking,and i believe many people have seen them.But know that industrial ovens and there may be few industrial ovens on the working principle of industrial ovens and industrial ovens.


      In fact,the industrial oven.It consists of a hot air circulation system,a blower motor,a wind wheel and an electric heater.

Under the action of the fan,cold air(IE,outside air)is sent from the air inlet,and flows into the air supply fan link through the air duct system.The air supply fan then sends the cold air through the wind wheel,volute,and equal air distribution system until it is heating.On the electric heater,hot air comes out.And the hot air passes through the air duct system.


      Enter the industral oven to form various roads,and reach each corner horizontally or vertically,so that the temperature of each position is consistent.Then continue to continue the alternating circulation of hot air,so as to achieve the purpose of heating and drying the materials.


     Why is the price of industrial ovens higher than ordinary ovens.

1.The internal material of industrial ovens is generally stainless steel,such as 304,316,etc;while ordinary ovens are generally galvanized sheets;

2.The thickness of the insulation layer of the industrial oven is 100mm,while that of the ordinary oven is 35-50mm;

3.Industrial ovens are generally used at 200.Below temperature,used for baking above 150 degrees for factory production and testing; while ordinary ovens are generally used at 200
Below temperature, used for storage and baking;
4. The weight of an industrial oven with the same content area is more than half the weight of an ordinary oven;
5. Even if the temperature of the industrial oven is above 150 degrees, the temperature of the outer wall will not exceed 30 degrees; while the outer wall of the ordinary oven will be very hot even if it is 100 degrees.

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