What are the powerful functions and important parts of the industrial oven?

September 9, 2021

Latest company news about What are the powerful functions and important parts of the industrial oven?

The field of industrial oven is gradually expanding, mainly used in mechanical and electrical industry, chemical industry, plastic, light industry and other industries and scientific research fields, suitable for baking, drying, curing, heat treatment and other heating of various products, test products. The function is very powerful. What are the specific performance?


1, upper membrane: digital display automatic constant temperature control, equipped with electric leakage protector;
The water overtransfer film is cut and placed flat on the water surface of the upper film equipment. The film absorbs water into a parallel storage state, floating on the water freely. Due to the surface tension of the water, the ink layer will be evenly spread on the water surface.
2, washing: convenient water discharge, water circulation, washing pressure and density debugging is reasonable, greatly improved product rate; washing equipment can complete the cleaning of the product surface residual film: washing equipment mainly consists of water pool and conveyor device, conveyor device completes the product delivery, water pool is used for product cleaning.
3, drying: smooth operation, automatic constant temperature control, uniform temperature in furnace, perfect insulation protection system, energy saving; drying equipment for drying after removal of residual film.Dry after washing is mainly evaporation of water, drying after oil injection is volatile drying of solvent.
4, oil injection: built-in track, spray, flow resistance structure, clean the oil fog three times to improve the operating environment.
Oil injection equipment is used to spray on the surface of the product. It is composed of the body and oil injection pressure device. The paint used for spraying will become fine floating particles under high pressure, forming adsorption after encountering the product.

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