Why does the industrial oven display flicker all the time?

September 9, 2021

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Reasons for the industrial oven to flash steam.Thermoat controller setting: temperature setting: instrument panel PV indicates the specific temperature in the furnace, SV indicates the set temperature, first press set key, SV indicates the value flashing, then press ▲ plus key, or press the minus button to cool, finally press SET key to confirm the set temperature, SV indicates that the value stops flashing.


Solution for the industrial oven flash: First, check whether the pull spring of the car relay falls off on the industrial oven; whether the contact is "stuck" and stuck together; whether the mercury column of the electrical connection thermometer breaks;

whether the transmission line connected to the top thermometer of the dry box breaks?Is the terminal terminal damaged?Check the digital multimeter for resistance R internal guide or spot welding; accurately measure whether the operating voltage of rectifier pipe 7 pin (gate voltage) is below 20V;

check whether the seat 7 pin is in good contact.If after the above inspection and maintenance, the common fault, can continue to hand on and closed, power switch, observe whether the car relay contact can be flexibly released, or cannot flexible release, may be due to long-term heat, loose, loss of ductility, resulting in the shutdown of the car relay solenoid valve.In this case, you can cut off the power, remove the bomb, cut off a period and try again;

if not, you can solve the problem with a new, malleable bomb instead of it.
Abnormal clearance in industrial oven: when the main power switch is turned on, there is no indication when the control panel is actually running?Please check for the shedding of the three-phase power supply and the neutral lines.Is the internal power switch disconnected?Is the fuse tube burned off?Please change to a new fuse tube.Please replace the three-phase power supply.
The temperature rise of the industrial oven does not reach the set value, and the switch power is switched off!If the fuse of the fuse RD is burned throughout the heating process, it causes this common failure and cannot be ignored.In addition, when the drying box works normally, the heating wire R and the switch power supply in the box are switched on and off by the electronic device vehicle relay.When a common failure occurs an element in a power circuit (such as the resistance R lead), the key in the switch power loses work and the temperature continues to rise, causing more common failures.

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